Thursday, October 01, 2009


I went to see District 9 last weekend.
The whole hype around the movie made me a little fearful. I thought that it probably wouldn't live up to its expectations and it would just ultimately disappoint. But boy, was I wrong. District 9 turned out to be a fantastic sci-fi movie, with a great story to tell and some of the best action sequences of the last years. More astounding even when you realize this movie was made with "only" 30 million dollars: the special effects are fantastic and really pull you into the movie. You actually get the feeling that these can creatures exist outside the screen, something that rarely happens with something created by CGI. I don't mean to write a full review, just say that I enjoyed it a LOT, and that I definitely recommend it. It was one of the best movies to hit the big screen this year, that's for sure.

Since I liked it so much, I couldn't help to put pencil to the paper and do a little sketch. I know, it's a bit lazy... but it's all I had time for. Enjoy!


Ska said...


Chegou-me as maos este fim de semana uma edicao do "zona negra".

Que very nice, sim senhora. Parabens aos dois, achei muito fofo ;)

Black Math said...

aw catano que so vi que tinhas o xor gafanhotocamarão paki!! ta tao catita como bem sabes :)

xixicocó said...

ah ficou fixolas! :D

nakamura_michiyo said...

Ska - Ainda bem que achaste catita :D a continuar a correr bem, em breve há mais. É verdade, despois não chegaste a mandar mais nenhum mail, mas se sempre quiseres alguma colaboração que envolva macacada e rabiscos, tu dize!

Ska said...

Desculpa. Ainda nao desisti disso. Mas o facto de nao ter muito tempo livre, nem acesso a net fora do lab, cortou-me completamente as voltas ;)

pabloano said...

Loved this btw. Fantastic!