Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brian the Artist

So my boyfriend is awesome and gave me the 3 disc collectors' edition of Spaced, and we've been having a great time re-watching the series. I tell you, it is brilliant. Of course all this Spaced watching we've been doing had to end in me doodling something from the show, so here is Brian the Artist, Tim and Daisy's cheerful neighbor. The speech balloons are actually his reply in the first episodes, whenever someone asks him what he paints. I was informed that I misspelled "aggression", so I'm sorry about that mistake.
This is little more than a glorified sketch, but I wanted to update the blog with something. I really need to update this more, especially with art instead of movie reviews of craptastic flicks. Well, I hope you guys like it! And if you don't know Spaced, hunt it down and give it a watch. I promise it's awesome.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Zona Fantástica

Yes, it has been a while without news, but now I'm here with some cool ones. I was lucky enough to participate on the most recent installment of the Zone! comic and illustrations project, called Zone Fantastic. I was responsible for the cover and I did a 3-page comic. Well, I can't show you the comic just yet, but I want to promote the project, so here's the cover:

The characters in the cover (one of them is mine) are characters you'll also find on the inside of the book, on comics or illustrations. I tried to give it an old, almost grindhouse poster style - since the book will be released in a movie festival mainly dedicated to horror and the fantastic, it seemed fitting. Here's a little introduction to the project:

"Zona Fantástica (Zone Fantastic) is an alternative magazine dedicated to the world of comics and illustration, the third of a project that has generated also Zona Zero (Zona Zero) and the Zona Negra (Zone Dark) (, both released in 2009. This issue, devoted to "fantastic fiction" will be released in the Fantasporto 2010. It is the largest and most ambitious fo far: 80 color pages with the participation of 34 authors.
The aim of this project, almost fully developed through collaborations over the Internet, is to feature the work of new authors, as well as to promote the development of arts in Portugal. Thus, Zona Fantástica emerges as an important step that represents an increasing willingness for change in this context. "

You can visit Fantasporto's website on

I will update you with news about the release. I know many of you are from far away, but if by any chance any of you guys are in Oporto on March 4th, at 18h30, you can drop by Rivoli, check out the book and talk with some of the authors! Good times will be had, I promise. But I'll keep pestering you about that.

Hope you like the pic!