Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iron Man

You know what movie opens in theaters this week? Yeah yeah, Nightmare on Elm Street, but not in Portugal, so think about another movie. Done? Then you know what I drew! Here's a sneak peek:

If you want to see the full drawing, just head on over to my new blog, or click here. Don't forget to follow me there, so you won't miss all the goodies!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kick Ass sneak peek

Well, I'm hoping to see Kick Ass over the weekend, so I took a little time this week to do a really quick piece of fan art. Here's a sneak peek:

What? You forgot I have a new blog AGAIN? Well, I have this picture fully posted there, so I recommend you go check it out here. It's now the home for my drawings (well, that and deviantart, and a couple of other places... but definitely, on the blogspot platform, that'll be where I post all my drawings) so keep an eye on it.

I'll do my best to update this soon with some reviews. I have been watching movies, you know? :)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sketchcard 4 - Lion-O

Greetings and salutations, my fellow bloggers! I just got done posting my progress shots of the fourth and final sketchcard I drew for Comics for Cures on my new blog. It's Lion-O! Who didn't like the Thundercats? Here's a little peek at the card for you:

If you want to see more photos, head on over to my new blog here, and check out the Lion-o post here. Don't forget to follow me there if you follow me here as well, everyone is welcome. Some of you are over there already, helping me make the place even cooler! I'll post a lot more goodies at the new blog instead of here from now on, so keep your eyes open for it!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Usagi Yojimbo on the Covered Blog

Hello everyone! The piece I did for the Covered Blog found it's way into the interwebs yesterday.

Yeah, it's Usagi Yojimbo, because it's a super cool comic. You can go check out my version at the Covered blog, or have a better look at it on my new blog!

What? You forgot I have a new blog? Awww, you. I'll refresh your memory: it's here. And the Usagi post is here. Check it out and let me know what you think, don't forget to follow me there too!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Blog!

Hello, everyone.

So I went and created a new blog. This one is getting pretty cluttered, after many years of existing, and with plenty of things that aren't related to art or to what I do. I want the new blog to be exclusively about art! Since I've only now created the new blog, I'll probably upload some work that I already posted here, but I'll start uploading new stuff and gradually "moving" from here to there. I'm not saying I'll end this blog, I'm not planning to - but I'll keep most of my artwork in the other one. So, if you want to stay up to date with drawings, sketches and doodles, please come follow me at The Art of Carla Rodrigues!

See you there!

Sketchcard 3 - Bobba Fett

And now, another post dedicated to a sketch card. This time, it was Boba Fett's turn! I had never drew Bobba Fett before, but since so many people like this character, I thought it would be a good pick for the card. After all, if you draw popular characters, there's a higher chance that people will buy them, and the whole point of this is to raise as much money as possible for charity.

Here is the inked version. As with Lobster Johnson, I forgot to take photos of the pencils, so we're jumping straight into the inks.

Next, I started laying down the colors, using colored pencils (like I did before). This photo didn't turn out great, I apologize for the weird lighting.

And here's the end result! Used a simple colored background, like I did before.

I hope you enjoy yet another post dedicated to a sketch card. There's still one more to go, so expect that one soon!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scott Pilgrim

Alright. I'm sure all of you know that the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World trailer was released today, and in case you're one of those poor souls that haven't watched it, go here and make your day.

I've seen it, and I loved it. I can not wait to see this movie. I know a lot of people are still unhappy with the choice of Michael Cera for the role of Scott, but I grew to embrace the choice and I think he did a pretty good job, from what I see in the trailer. Well, I could take more of the action and less of his whiny voice, but I'm sure the final product will be awesome. Since I loved it this much, I couldn't help but putting pencil to paper and coming up with a quick drawing of Scott to mark today's release of the trailer. Here is the quick piece I've done, hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sketchcard 2 - Lobster Johnson

One more peek at another of the sketchcards I produced to benefit the American Cancer Society. I hope it's not a boring idea and that you guys get a kick out of this instead of just seeing the finished product.
Well, this next card features Lobster Johnson, who's not an actual lobster - he's a character from the Hellboy world that I had never drawn before. I don't have as many photos of Lobster as I had of Terry Bogard, so we're jumping directly into inks. Or we can pretend I drew this with a pen, straight up, because I'm cool like that.

So here he is, looking a bit pouty. I wanted him to look "intense", but turns out he looks more pouty than anything.

Started laying down the colors. As with the previous card, I used colored pencils. I'd love to try out prisma markers sometime, but I have no idea where to get them here and I've been too lazy to hunt for them online. Also, I'm scared they'll be super expensive.

The colors are pretty much finished here. Added a simple background to make Lobster pop a little more.

Ta-da! Lobster is finished, and here he is next to Terry. It looks like he's disapproving of Terry being so smiley. Lighten up, Lobster. You'll make money for a good cause.

Hope you enjoyed this once again. If you did, I'll keep posting these!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sketchcard 1 - Terry Bogard

This year I had the pleasure of creating a small set of 4 sketchcards for Comics for Cures, to benefit the American Cancer Society. Artists donate sketchcards for the show. The sketchcards will then be part of a gallery show, and after that they're put on eBay, and all proceeds from the auction go to the American Cancer Society. It is pretty awesome, and whenever I have the chance of helping out with my scribbles, I'm glad to jump at the opportunity. The auction was supposed to go live on April 3rd, but I was just told that the date was moved to May 22nd, so it'll still be a while before you can bid on those cards.
Anyway, I've posted the cards over at deviantart, but I promised I'd post some progress shots over here. So, in an effort to put this blog to better use, here go some shots of the first card I did, Terry Bogard:

First, here are the penciled lines. Why did I go with Terry Bogard? Well, I love the game series King of Fighters, and Fatal Fury too, where this character is from. He's not one of my favorites from either game, but I had never drawn him before so I figured I'd give it a shot. Also, I think he's a popular character and so his card will probably sell well in the auction (I hope).

Here I've moved on to inks. I kept it pretty clean and simple. The cards are relatively small (about 6x9 cm.) and I'm not really used to drawing small, so the pose isn't very original or fresh, but I tried to make up for it.

Started laying down the colors with my mighty colored pencils. Well, I say mighty but in reality I hardly ever color with colored pencils. The scanner destroys the coloring and that made me almost quit coloring pencils a long time ago. But I enjoyed the practice, and I think I might have to keep going at it. I love the organic feeling of coloring traditionally as oposed to digitally.

Ta-da, the card is done here! Just added a simple background that makes Terry pop out a little more. As you can see it's a fairly simple process, and a lot of fun. I hope this card raises a lot of money for the good cause. Stay tuned, I may do similar posts of my other cards!

Hope you enjoyed this!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Release party of Zona Fantástica at Central Comics

Last Saturday, March 6th, the release party for Zona Fantástica took place at one of the local comic shops, Central Comics. We weren't the only book being released, there was also "As Incríveis Aventuras de Dog Mendonça e Pizzaboy", a widely anticipated comic made by the collaboration between portuguese writer/producer Filipe Melo and 3 artists from Argentina, so we were in great company. The afternoon flew by, once again drawing and signing books, chatting with my fellow artists and with Filipe Melo (which was very cool, because I really admire him - he produced the first (and only, so far) portuguese zombie movie, which makes him pretty much the awesomest person around). This time the paparazzi was my lovely Cosmic-rocket-man, who took loads of cool photos, some of which I'll share on this post.

Can you spot Zona Fantástica there? This is the store front of Central Comics. I felt pretty excited to see a book with my cover there, I can't deny that. It was a good feeling.

The announcement of the two release parties taking place that afternoon. Hey, Green Lantern, stop stealing my thunder!

Here's the book for sale. Me and the rest of the gang signed all of these and plenty more.

This is me drawing on Central Comic's honor board. Whenever they host a special book release, they have the authors draw something on this board, and then they hang it in the store. It's pretty cool, especially since before I used to always look at the honor boards and admired the work on them, and now I have my very own drawing there too.

This is me, Fil and Rui Alex drawing. I wasn't signing a book at the time, I was drawing on that kid's moleskine per request. It was cool!

Still drawing for the kid. I drew a zombie, which I hope didn't scare him or anything. It was a nice zombie, it wouldn't bite anyone.

Still drawing, and joined at the table by Diogo Campos. Hey look, it's the Walking Dead!

Chatting with Filipe Melo, who we had the pleasure to meet! I got to draw him a nifty zombie. Wish I had had more time to really draw something kick ass, but Filipe still had to go to his book's release at Fnac, and so was short on time. He was a super cool guy.

Still drawing and chatting with Filipe. Ignore my stupid face, I don't know what was going on.

Moved tables, got joined by Pedro Nascimento, and continued drawing. It was an amazing afternoon. Drawing for hours, signing books and chatting with the people in a comic shop... could there be something cooler to do? I don't think so!
If you'd like to have a book, you can always go to the official blog for the project and order one via e-mail. Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Release of Zona Fantástica

As you know - because I've posted about it earlier - yesterday was the release of the comics/illustration project Zona Fantástica, as part of Fantasporto - Oporto's International Movie Festival. It went very well and it was fantastic to hang out with all the artists and the people that went to the release! I drew a lot of zombies in a lot of books, predictably. I have to find something more fun to draw than zombies, quickly. Since I had my friend Mário take some photos, I'll take this chance to post a few of them.

This was the selling stand. You can see the book that was released, Zona Fantástica - as well as official t-shirts - and also the previous volumes, Zona Zero and Zona Negra.

This is me on the table. Next to me are Joana Afonso and André Oliveira, and we can see the back of Diogo Campos :)

Another shot of some artists at the table, this time with our "srs business" face. Left to right, you've got me, Joana, André, the Fantasporto presenter that made the opening speech, and Fil (who unfortunatelly got half-cut from the pic).

The lighting was not the best for photos, but here André and Fil were talking about the Hammer Killer, which was my comic. Look, there's my name on the wall!

This was at the end, when we were autographing and drawing on books. Clockwork from me are Hugo Teixeira, Diogo Campos, Fil, Pedro Nascimento and Raz.

And this photo was snapped by Joana, it's my very own Cosmic-Rocket-Man and André!

All in all, it was a great end of a day. Not only were we all happy with the book, it sold well, we drew a lot, and people also seemed to enjoy it. Another plus was hanging out with each other, since we all live pretty much scattered all over the country and don't get many chances to hang out.

I hope you enjoy the photos, and in some time I'll post the Hammer Killer I drew for this.
Keep rocking!

PS - Quem não pôde aparecer ontem, pode aparecer amanhã, dia 6, na Central Comics, depois das 17h, pois vamos ter uma festa de lançamento da Zona com alguns dos autores presentes (entre os quais eu) para sessão de autógrafos. E se quiserem apareçam ainda mais cedo e apanham o Filipe Melo e a festa do Dog Mendonça e Pizzaboy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brian the Artist

So my boyfriend is awesome and gave me the 3 disc collectors' edition of Spaced, and we've been having a great time re-watching the series. I tell you, it is brilliant. Of course all this Spaced watching we've been doing had to end in me doodling something from the show, so here is Brian the Artist, Tim and Daisy's cheerful neighbor. The speech balloons are actually his reply in the first episodes, whenever someone asks him what he paints. I was informed that I misspelled "aggression", so I'm sorry about that mistake.
This is little more than a glorified sketch, but I wanted to update the blog with something. I really need to update this more, especially with art instead of movie reviews of craptastic flicks. Well, I hope you guys like it! And if you don't know Spaced, hunt it down and give it a watch. I promise it's awesome.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Zona Fantástica

Yes, it has been a while without news, but now I'm here with some cool ones. I was lucky enough to participate on the most recent installment of the Zone! comic and illustrations project, called Zone Fantastic. I was responsible for the cover and I did a 3-page comic. Well, I can't show you the comic just yet, but I want to promote the project, so here's the cover:

The characters in the cover (one of them is mine) are characters you'll also find on the inside of the book, on comics or illustrations. I tried to give it an old, almost grindhouse poster style - since the book will be released in a movie festival mainly dedicated to horror and the fantastic, it seemed fitting. Here's a little introduction to the project:

"Zona Fantástica (Zone Fantastic) is an alternative magazine dedicated to the world of comics and illustration, the third of a project that has generated also Zona Zero (Zona Zero) and the Zona Negra (Zone Dark) (, both released in 2009. This issue, devoted to "fantastic fiction" will be released in the Fantasporto 2010. It is the largest and most ambitious fo far: 80 color pages with the participation of 34 authors.
The aim of this project, almost fully developed through collaborations over the Internet, is to feature the work of new authors, as well as to promote the development of arts in Portugal. Thus, Zona Fantástica emerges as an important step that represents an increasing willingness for change in this context. "

You can visit Fantasporto's website on

I will update you with news about the release. I know many of you are from far away, but if by any chance any of you guys are in Oporto on March 4th, at 18h30, you can drop by Rivoli, check out the book and talk with some of the authors! Good times will be had, I promise. But I'll keep pestering you about that.

Hope you like the pic!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Room (2003)

Oh hi, internet.

Last weekend I saw a movie. It wasn't a regular movie, you see. This film has been called everything, from "The Citizen Kane of bad movies", to "the best worst movie ever made", and let me tell you, the people who called it that are probably right. Never before has a movie so awful got etched so deep into my mind that I can't stop quoting it, I can't stop thinking about it, and I need to exorcize that, so I'm writing this review. I need to get it out of my system.

That movie, my friends, was Tommy Wiseau's magnum opus The Room.

Tommy Wiseau, a man with hopes and dreams of breaking through in the movie business, managed to somehow gather 7 million dollars and actually direct a movie from a script he wrote himself. He not only wrote and directed this movie, no, Tommy, as a true jack of all trades, also starred, produced and executive produced. Where he spent the 7 million dollars filming this turd is what I'd like to know, because this movie looks worse than most of the low budget horror movies I watch, and those are made with a few thousand dollars at best. This one was made with 7 million. It baffles me.
Another interesting thing about Tommy Wiseau is that no one seems to know exactly where he's from. He claims to be American, but his accent is as thick as they come (someone described the way he sounds as " like Borat trying to do an impression of Christopher Walken playing a mental patient" and that pretty much hits the nail in the head). Some people speculate he's actually from somewhere in Eastern Europe, but no one knows. The man is a mistery!

Now, on to the movie itself. The Room is a filme about a saintly man called Johnny (played by Tommy Wiseau) and his beautiful "future wife" Lisa (they never use the word fiancée, it's always "future wife" or "future husband"). Johnny is beloved by everyone, he is the kindest of men, has a successful career (something about the bank business... it's never really clear what exactly is it that he does) and showers his future wife with gifts and attention (saintly as he is though, I bet you'll be creeped out by him. His strange accent, hulking figure, and face that is a mix between Fabio and the melting Nazis from Indiana Jones, all blend together to form an avatar of creepiness that you'll start seeing in your nightmares). Lisa, for some incomprehensible reason, decides she's had it with Johnny and procedes to seduce his best friend Mark (don't worry if you don't get he's "Johnny's best friend" right away, they'll remind you of that fact every 5 minutes). This treacherous back-stabbing sends them, and everyone they know, into a spiral of drama, nonsense and hilarity so incredibly poorly acted, scripted and directed that you'll wonder just what the hell you are seeing.

Johnny and one of his many gifts for Lisa.

Don't worry, that's perfectly normal. At first you might think "Oh my god, I am definitely going mad, no movie can possibly be this bad", but no. I reassure you, your sanity is untouched. The movie really is astoundingly bad. Let's break down some of the things that are deeply wrong with The Room:

- Tommy Wiseau is easily the worst actor I've ever seen in a movie (and keep in mind I did see that abomination with Britney Spears). It's not just because of his accent and his haunting face - his delivery is unbelievable! He chuckles at the end of almost every sentence. He even laughs after his himbo best friend tells him the story of a girl who got beat up so bad she ended up in the hospital (something that shouldn't be funny at all). Also, he (and everyone else) seem to greet everyone as if they were LOLcats. When someone comes in the room, it's "Oh hi Lisa!", "Oh hi Mark", "Oh hi Denny", and so on and so forth (there's even a bit where he greets a dog by saying "Oh hi doggie!"). He has the most hilarious line in this film, the line that everyone knows, which is "YOU ARE TEARING ME APART, LISA!!". In this scene we see how badly this man wants to show emotion, and how much he fails.

- Lisa, the female lead, is always being called "beautiful", "sexy" and generally being worshipped as some kind of beauty goddess, but she's average at best. I mean, I'm not one to talk, but it's so exxagerated that it becomes hilarious. She has her hair colored in this unnatural shade of blonde, yet her eyebrows remain dark brown, and her neck seems to have this weird bulge sometimes when she talks. She's definitely a strange character. When engaging in conversations, Lisa commonly brings up subjects that, when asked more about, she claims to not want to discuss. It's always "I don't want to talk about it", or "It'll be fine". Lisa's mother drops by every god damn morning to have annoying quick conversations that never lead anywhere. The most famous part is when she does what would normally be a shocking and life-altering revelation, when she tells her daughter: "Well, the test results came back - I definitely have breast cancer". Lisa doesn't even bat an eyelid, says "It'll be fine", and the subject is never adress AGAIN.

- Denny, Denny, Denny. Denny is a huge enigma in this movie. He's sort of Johnny and Lisa's man-child neighbor. We know he's an orphan and that Johnny, angel on earth that he is, got him an apartment right next door and is paying for his college tuition. What a kind heart! Despite the fact we are told that Denny's in college, it's open for discussion if he has some kind of mental problem or not. He certainly looks and sounds as if he has one - he acts like a 5 year, despite being 18 or over - but we're never told anything that leads us to believe that. One of the creepiest moments of the movie is right at the beginning, after Johnny comes home from work with a new red dress for Lisa. She tries it on, and who should drop by but jolly boy Denny, who claims she looks very sexy. Johnny and Lisa then try to kick him out so they can go practice the horizontal tango, but Denny apparently can't take a hint. He sticks around, picks up an apple, and then sneaks into Johnny and Lisa's room, jumps in the bed with them and then, when try to kick him out again, he drops this bomb: "I like to watch you guys!". Way to go, sleazy perv Denny. Instead of being disgusted and horrified, Johnny and Lisa just laugh and push him out the door. And then... oh god, then...

- The soft-core sex scenes. Yes, there are 4 unnecessarily long, incredibly cheesy, horrifiyingly shot sex scenes in this movie. They are the worst thing I've ever seen. Afterwards I felt like washing my eyes with soap. Naked Tommy Wiseau is quite a vision. He's strangely muscular, but he just looks frightening, like Frankenstein's monster. I don't know if it seems that his muscles are in all the wrong places or what, he's weird. And then there are prolonged shots of his naked ass when he's humping what's, apparently, Lisa's belly button (all I know is he's not doing it in the right place). Terrifying. As if this wasn't enough, all the sex scenes have this horrendous R&B soundtrack. These are the cheesiest damn songs you'll ever hear and they'll make you want to vomit, be warned. The sight of Tommy Wiseau's ass combined with the gut-churning R&B songs is a spirit crushing experience, but hopefully you'll be at least laughing hard enough to muffle the sugary disgust of the R&B tunes. There's also a highly amusing sex scene between Lisa and Mark on a spiral staircase. Comfortable! I can't help wondering how she felt with the edges of the stairs lodged between her ribs.

Tommy Wiseau learned how to frame his shots in the best soap operas.

- The dropping of subjects. This movie is constantly bringing up problems and issues that never see any kind of resolution and instead are immediately dropped. I understand that Tommy Wiseau probably wanted to adress a lot of society's bigger problems now a days, - like cheating, drugs, cancer, job issues - but he just didn't know where to go with any of it. I already mentioned the cancer bit, but another famous instance is when Denny is bullied by a drug dealer of sorts (who I think was the best actor in the movie). This guy, Chris-R, points a gun at Denny and demands some money, but of course he's quickly subdued by our hero Tommy and his sleazy backstabber "best friend" Mark, leaving Denny to face the wrath and circular dialogue of Lisa's mother. Really, I swear, it's 5 minutes of the same dialogue just going back and forth. She asks what "that horrible man" wanted, Denny says he bought some drugs off him, she asks "WHAT KIND OF DRUGS?", Denny says it doesn't matter, she asks again, Denny says it doesn't matter again, and it goes on ad nauseum until Denny screams "You're not my fucking mother!!", which is a great line in this movie. After this, they all just go to dinner or something, and Denny and his drug problem are never heard from again.

I forgot to mention that there's some rooftop scenes which were very clearly shot with a green screen.

- The downright "WTF" moments, like the tuxedo football - in this one scene, Johnny and all his friends are shown dressed in tuxedos. You'd think it's Johnny wedding day - after all, why would they all be dressed like that in the same day - but it turns out it's not. Apparently the whole gang just likes to tux up once in a while and go out to play football. Yeah, they go to a dirty back alley to throw a football back and forth while dressed in tuxedos. Not to mention this one guy trips, falls and never appears on the movie again (so it's not only subjects being dropped, entire characters disappear suddendly). Also, why are there framed pictures of spoons on the Wiseau household? Why is the tv behind the couch? Why does Lisa's neck bulge? All these are questions left unanswered, and as such will haunt you for a long time.

It's "Tuxedo Thursday" in San Francisco.

Well, this is already a pretty long sum up of what goes on in The Room. The movie is incredibly bad, but what's truly astonishing about it is how Tommy Wiseau managed to create not just a mind-bendingly awful movie... but a hilariously entertaining one. You'll be laughing from beginning to end. Tommy is now marketing this movie as a "Black Comedy", but there's no doubt in my mind that he only chose to do so after attending many screenings where he watched people crying with laughter - it's clear when you see the movie that any comedy that's happening is unintentional. Poor Wiseau, he set out to do a deep study of human nature and interactions and ended up with a laugh riot. Well, it's better than nothing, since the movie now has a widely recognized cult status and enjoys several screenings all throughout the USA every month, always with an emphasis on audience participation (it's common to see people throwing plastic spoons at the screen, throwing footballs around, and screaming "YOU ARE TEARING ME APART, LISA!!"). Its popularity just keeps growing, and amongst its fans are people like David Cross, Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill.

I recommend, no, I urge you to see this movie if you have a good sense of humor. If not, you should stear clear, but if you're the kind of person who enjoys the "so bad it's good" kind of movies, you'll have a blast with this one. Trust me.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Zombie Painting

In my quest of experimenting with acrylics, I made a painting of a zombie today. Yes, I broked the mold of my pixel paintings, I just felt like doing something different! And here's the little guy:

The photos are a little blurry, and I apologize. If any of you guys would like to have it, it's for sale! Just drop me a comment or an e-mail and give this poor zombie a nice home (and a nice set of brains for him to munch on).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Amazing Joy Buzzards

I'm back to being lazy in what concerns writing for this blog, and since it's been a while since I updated anything art-related, here is a finished piece I did the other day, a pinup of The Amazing Joy Buzzards - an extremely fun comic created by Hipp and Smith.

Enjoy, and give AJB a try!