Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Release party of Zona Fantástica at Central Comics

Last Saturday, March 6th, the release party for Zona Fantástica took place at one of the local comic shops, Central Comics. We weren't the only book being released, there was also "As Incríveis Aventuras de Dog Mendonça e Pizzaboy", a widely anticipated comic made by the collaboration between portuguese writer/producer Filipe Melo and 3 artists from Argentina, so we were in great company. The afternoon flew by, once again drawing and signing books, chatting with my fellow artists and with Filipe Melo (which was very cool, because I really admire him - he produced the first (and only, so far) portuguese zombie movie, which makes him pretty much the awesomest person around). This time the paparazzi was my lovely Cosmic-rocket-man, who took loads of cool photos, some of which I'll share on this post.

Can you spot Zona Fantástica there? This is the store front of Central Comics. I felt pretty excited to see a book with my cover there, I can't deny that. It was a good feeling.

The announcement of the two release parties taking place that afternoon. Hey, Green Lantern, stop stealing my thunder!

Here's the book for sale. Me and the rest of the gang signed all of these and plenty more.

This is me drawing on Central Comic's honor board. Whenever they host a special book release, they have the authors draw something on this board, and then they hang it in the store. It's pretty cool, especially since before I used to always look at the honor boards and admired the work on them, and now I have my very own drawing there too.

This is me, Fil and Rui Alex drawing. I wasn't signing a book at the time, I was drawing on that kid's moleskine per request. It was cool!

Still drawing for the kid. I drew a zombie, which I hope didn't scare him or anything. It was a nice zombie, it wouldn't bite anyone.

Still drawing, and joined at the table by Diogo Campos. Hey look, it's the Walking Dead!

Chatting with Filipe Melo, who we had the pleasure to meet! I got to draw him a nifty zombie. Wish I had had more time to really draw something kick ass, but Filipe still had to go to his book's release at Fnac, and so was short on time. He was a super cool guy.

Still drawing and chatting with Filipe. Ignore my stupid face, I don't know what was going on.

Moved tables, got joined by Pedro Nascimento, and continued drawing. It was an amazing afternoon. Drawing for hours, signing books and chatting with the people in a comic shop... could there be something cooler to do? I don't think so!
If you'd like to have a book, you can always go to the official blog for the project and order one via e-mail. Hope you enjoyed the photos!


Ska said...

Realmente, depois de ver este post (e antes de ter lido a tua resposta no post anterior), esquece. Eu quero mesmo é uma edição rabiscada, não quero encomendar por Amazons ou afins ;)

Quando ao Pizza boy que tanto se ouve falar, é mesmo fixe, ou é só por ser a novidade que é que tem este hype todo?

nakamura_michiyo said...

Pois sem problemas, quando quiseres faço-te chegar uma edição rabiscada! E escolhes que rabisco queres e tudo. Só vantagens hein? :D

E quanto ao Pizza Boy, ainda não tive oportunidade de ler. Um dos meus contactos no submundo já me arranjou um livro antes mesmo de ser oficialmente lançado, mas ainda não me chegou às mãos - o que é pena, porque assim não pude ter os gatafunhos do Filipe nem dos artistas argentinos. Mas espero que chegue em breve. As opiniões que tenho ouvido são muito favoráveis, parece que o livro está verdadeiramente catita! Eu só o folheei, mas assim de relance parecia porreiro sim senhor. Estou algo ansiosa para o ler.

Rui Baptista said...

O vosso também não está nada mal ;)

Ska said...

Como assim que rabisco quero? Eu gosto de zombies :P

"Man behind the Curtain" Drew said...

Hi, Carla! I'm glad to hear that the book release and party were a blast. I don't suppose there will be an English variant of the Zona Fantástica, will there? I'd like to see the Hammer Killer story. :)