Thursday, August 07, 2008

If you were a Zombie...

So, the surge of Wacthmen-related news seems to have slowed down, leaving me with next to nothing to post (what are you saying, that other movies exist besides that one? no they don't, shut up.). This leads me to posting today about a little site about zombies I stumbled upon.

It's called "If you were a zombie..." and essentially it gathers zombie videos, zombies news and, the best, zombie postcards. Whenever shopping for postcards, I always find myself frustrated by the sight of row upon row of postcards filled with cuddly teddy bears, cute macroshots of dogs' snouts, or kitties playing with balls of thread. I needed something with zombies, and now my needs have been fulfilled. It's nice to know I can let people know how I feel about them with zombie cards, because, just like it says on the site, "Once they're a zombie, it's too late to say you care".

So waste no more time, and go send your loved one a postcard: If You Were a Zombie.

Enjoy the breakdancing zombie's mesmerizing moves until next time!

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