Monday, September 15, 2008

Movies + Kung Fu Panda intro

I'm starting to procrastinate in this blog again, so today is day for a new post.

I've seen a few movies lately, but none really worth a good old long post. Last week I saw Mamma Mia!, and that was mostly a totally harmless movie - I mean, what you see is what you get: people singing and dancing for two hours. You get to see Meryl Streep jump around with ten times the energy I have (and I am 23, that made me feel bad), Pierce Brosnan trying to sing, and Colin Firth's character having a ridiculous twist towards the end. But like I said, it's pretty harmless and I'm sure you can extract some fun out of it if you're into Abba at all (which I must admit I am. I know, I know, but who can resist those sugary melodies?? gah!).

This weekend I saw Babylon A.D. with my Mr. Cosmic, and that movie was baaaad, but not even funny bad, just boring bad. It didn't hold my attention for more than 5 seconds! If only it had been bad in a FUNNY way... but no. So I don't advise seeing it for the laughs, because there won't be any.

Anyway, today I colored that Kung Fu Panda pic I posted a while ago. Here it is:

And in honor of this (and because I forgot to do it before) I'm posting the intro to Kung Fu Panda. It was one of the coolest intros ever, I loved it. Check it out below, and while you're at it, put "watch kung fu panda" on your to-do list.


Black Math said...

aw c'mon! dont say bad stuff about that Vin Diesel movie love!! just because the movie didn't had a "STORY" remotely interesting.. just because it had lame characters.. and the way they tried to put a "LOVE" interest in that movie for about 5 seconds.. and FAILED completely.. and the action was lame and crapy i just CANT bealive they made that BULLET TIME scene so SHITY! did they even saw Matrix or Wanted? DAMN!! er.. mm.. well baby, c'mon! thats no reason to hate the thing!

it could be worst!

Gérard Depardieu could be on the thing and..


Black Math said...

a intro do Kung Fu panda fez-m querer ver coisas em 2D.. como ja t dise ;)

a ver s o xor Miyazaki faz mais um k parece k d resto toda gente é lazy demais pa pegar num lapis e fazer coisas!!! :\