Friday, September 05, 2008

Dragon Ball Screenshots

Well, I'm back, and what better subject for a new post than one that makes me want to kick Hollywood in its fat, rich ass.

A few more screenshots from the upcoming Dragon Ball movie have been released, and guess what, they SUCK. I don't know how I can possibly still be surprised by the suckiness of this pictures, because I'm entirely convinced the movie will be awful, but still, here I am, surprised and sad to see what they're doing to one of my all-time favorite franchises.

Why the hell did they turn Piccolo into an albino sort-of vampirish freak? He's green people! And at least give him his little antennas! And I hate his uniform, god damn I hate it. He looks so bad. I promised I won't mention anything about Master Roshi, because that have been discussed enough. But Piccolo, I can't get over it. What's going on with that red velvety jacket? When did we ever see Piccolo on his bath robe or something?
I promise I'll be less bitter on the next post.


Artemisio said...

lol, what the hell? o_o they turned piccolo into Spike from buffy! °O°

Black Math said...

ena ena! k contente k eu tou por terem transformado o xor satã num tipo com aspecto d vilão de um MAU episodio do star treck dos anos 60!!!

i TRULLY am!!!


Ska said...

agree with you.
O satan está para cima de horrivel! vai ser aquele filme a ser visto "só mesmo porque sim".

E mesmo o fato do Goku parece saído da marvel. Nada contra a marvel, mas no universo correcto