Saturday, November 22, 2008

Time for a random sketch

Being without access to photoshop for a month left me a little rusty, so I've been trying to pick up my slack and practice a little.
I sketched up this little guy yesterday, with my trusty Stumpy Pencil tool (that's why it looks like pencil lines... I kinda love that brush for some reason), and threw some quick color farts on it. I didn't mean for it to look good, I just wanted to really just DO something, really quickly, try and use different brushes, etc. So, here it is!

It was also the first time I drew a fully digital complete picture. Woohoo for me or what? :B


Chris! said...

Rocks :)

Black Math said...

aw amor.. k surpresa, ta lindo.. muito muito.. a coloração ta tao catita, tem onda e linhas sketchy e aos mesmo tempo terminada adorava k fizeces mais trabalhos nesta onda, nao fazes ideia como adorei :)