Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trailer Post - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Star Trek

Last week finished on a high note, trailer wise, with the release of a bunch of great movie trailers. Watchmen was the first, but Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Star Trek followed right after.

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The first teaser for this movie was such a blatant disappointment that I was ready to quit on Harry right then and there. I mean, a teaser is supposed to TEASE, and I don't know about you, but watching a black screen for 15 seconds certainly doesn't make me want to see the movie. The full-length first trailer was actually neat and rekindled my hopes, but it was this one that really made me feel like I want to see this movie. Bad. The effects are great, and it looks like it's going in the dark direction that it should. I know that a ton of stuff will be cut from the movie, I'm not one of those fans that is shocked when they can't cram everything from a 500-paged book into a movie, but I hope they do a good adaptation and I'm looking forward to see it.

2. Star Trek

I think I already mentioned I was never much of a Trekkie, but I ocasionally followed the campy adventures of Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise crew, and seeing as this adaptation gives us the younger versions of characters we're all familiar with, it should be a decent movie-going experience. I admit it does look a bit strange to see such young versions of the crew, but they look faithfull to their characters - especially Spock, I love the way Zachary Quinto talks - and the whole thing looks like it's going to provide us with quality sci-fi entertainment.

Seeing so many awesome trailers at once just made me feel sorry for the slow movie season we're having - is it just me or there's hardly any movie on right now that REALLY makes you want to see it?


Ska said...

o ST asustou-me. Porque é que há uma altura em que se percebe que o Kirk está a olhar para uma parede verde?? CGI mau? Já no trailer?

nakamura_michiyo said...

Isso foi impressão tua, ele não estava a olhar para uma parede verde mas sim para um espelho e a pensar em como estava bonito.

CaptainChants said...

Here's another kickass trailer

This was released a couple days ago and I'm getting even more psyched out about next year!

I've never been much a of a Star Treck fan, but that trailer is looking shit hot, I'll no doubt be watching that at the cinema when it's released!