Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Comedian

This time I'm posting a random sketch - I've got a few of these that I never got around to posting on DA (they're nothing special, really), so maybe I can use them here. This sketch features The Comedian, a character from the graphic novel Watchmen.

Speaking of Watchmen, I'm sure everyone and their mothers already saw this, but I'm posting anyway. It's a photo of the Minutemen, the first team of heroes in the said graphic novel, released as a promotion to the upcoming movie. Looks pretty cool, and thanks to Cosmic for the heads up ;)


Ash Collins said...

i never saw photo before, its cool! although hooded justice looks a little short and fat lol

quality picture of the comedian though. and thanks for taking the time to comment on my sketches, 'preciate it!

nakamura_michiyo said...

haha yeah, he does look a little fat, but I agree that the photo is pretty nifty, all in all.

No problem at all, I'm gonna put a link to your blog, if you don't mind, so I can keep dropping by to check out those sketches!

Ash Collins said...

no problem, ive already linked yours!

ForgetfulRainn said...

I'm pretty sure my mother never saw this before, and neither did I. I remember you mentioning the Watchmen, but now I'm confused: are they the watchmen or the minutemen???