Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dragon Ball - The Movie

Ok, I don't intend on keeping this blog exclusively for sketches, and I plan on approaching movies, music, comics and whatever else on my posts, as I always have until now, whenever I have the will/time. In that spirit, today I want to discuss this:

Now tell me this... am I the only one who thinks this looks like complete and utter crap? (by the way, that is rethorical. I know I'm not.). It looks so cheap and poorly done. Like someone just pasted a lot of shit together in photoshop and tried to tie it all together with red swirls and lens flares. Look at Piccolo's evil eyes in the background... that is horrible. Not to mention that the characters are all wrong. Can you even tell Chow Yun Fat is supposed to be Master Roshi? He has NONE of the character's traits. And it's not like it would have been complicated to make the character look like it did in the anime/manga: just shave your head and grow a beard and put some sunglasses, and voilá! He wouldn't even need the turtle shell. But no. This crap is better.

Honestly though, I never had any expectations for this movie. I'm a huge Dragon Ball fan, and I've been since I was a kid. I've seen the whole anime (except GT, that sucks monkey balls) and read the whole manga. I think the source material is very difficult to successully adapt to the big screen on live action, and ever since the first casting anoucements that I think the actors are just wrong. The first photos I saw were so shitty, everything looked like it was straight out of a Power Rangers episode. And now this. If the guys in the graphic department can't come up with a better banner than this, then I imagine what's going on with the movie. Either it's gonna bomb or the director is purposelly releasing shit promotional material to throw us off, when in reality the movie is going to be all kinds of awesome.

But yeah, I don't think so. Oh well.


Ash Collins said...

it looks absoultely awful. then again, Dragonball is a big pile of shit too so hurrah!

nakamura_michiyo said...

glad to know you agree, this poster looks like utter crap. I do disagree with you in other things, because I'm actually a Dragon Ball fan, but we are united in our dislike of this poster as movie fans anyway ;)

Black Math said...

não concordo em nada com o que dizes! afinal de contas tens de ter em conta que o realizador em questao é o mesmo genio que nos trouce coisas como "Final Destination 3" e escreveu argumentos para alguns episodios do "21 Jump Street" e.. er.. ho.. espera um bocado..


caca o que estao a fazer.. mas temos que ter em conta o ESFORÇO INCRIVEL que é necessario para tentar fazer este filme do DRAGON BALL parecer o menos possivel com o DRAGON BALL! é que é bem dificil!


bolas.. why? damn those bloody idiots!!

ForgetfulRainn said...

It does look insanely bad. I watched Dragon Ball when I was a kiddo, and have fond memories of this. When it first aired, it wasn't much about fighting though. It was with the main character being a child, with a magic cane and a yellow cloud, and perhaps a monkey. I think I remember the very first episode, where he gets Bulma, who's a daughter of a cop? And that's pretty much all I remember.

Then years later I remember that very long road in Heaven and complicated things that I couldn't make sense of because I never watched regularly.