Friday, June 13, 2008

"Hey, brother"

My exam is tomorrow, but I didn't upload anything yesterday so I'm hoping to make it up today with this sketch of Buster Bluth, a character from the awesome show Arrested Development.

I already posted this video once before, but now that I'm reviving the blog, here it goes again. I think it's a nice sum up of the crazy dysfunctional Bluth family, and their entertaining misfortunes.

Enjoy, and if you'd be so kind to wish me good luck to the exam, I'd appreciate it :D

1 comment:

Black Math said...

hahaha adorei este Buster.. ta lindo! i miss that show.. i want to see that again.. with u this time :D .. e deixa aproveitar pa desejar boa sorte po exame de amanha amor,

k certamente vai correr bem :)