Friday, March 13, 2009

"It's a joke. It's all a joke."

Last weekend, after leaving the Watchmen screening in the theater, me and Cosmic were itching to draw something Watchmen related. The only problem for me was to decide who to draw. I felt pretty torn between Rorschach, the Comedian and Nite Owl II... but Cosmic said it'd be pretty cool if I drew the Comedian. So I left Nite Owl II for him and took the Comedian for myself. Peep it out below! And also keep in mind I finished this while fighting with a cold or flu or whatever I have that is making me walk, sound and feel like a zombie. So it might not be as great as it potentially could, but it was the best I could do haha (excuses, I love 'em!).
Head on over to my deviantart to see a bigger version and lots more geeky stuff.

My incredibly talented boyfriend knocked his Nite Owl II out of the park, complete with the comic suit and everything. Rocking out never looked this much fun! Check out more of his art at his page and prepare for awesomeness.

Still about Watchmen, the guys over at /film did a podcast review of the movie with special guest Kevin Smith. I listened to it and thought it was pretty cool, so head over to their page and download the thing. It's kinda long but it'll be worth your time.
I've spent the whole week talking about Watchmen with different people. Is that normal? It's been a while since I saw a movie that sparked so much discussion, and it feels great. I hope to catch the movie again this weekend. There are many things I want to see again, many things I want to pay more attention too, and the movie deserves it.


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Quero o ozy ;)

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