Thursday, March 05, 2009

Today is the day...

...of the Watchmen premiere. After such a long a wait, the movie is finally opening! You guys must be relieved, after being bombarded with post after post of Watchmen trailers and promotional photos and posters. I'm starting to get really excited, but also nervous - after all this time and with such high expectations, will the movie live up to it? What if it sucks? What movie will I look forward to, in this borderline obsessed way, next?

Well, despite all my geekyness, these questions will have to wait until Saturday to be answered, because I won't see the movie today. Not that I wouldn't want to - but because reasons bigger than myself prevent me from watching it today. Saturday is a day as good as any to see Watchmen!

Anyway, to mark Watchmen's opening day, here is a sketch I did of Rorschach.

It's been ages since I posted a sketch, huh?
To those of you that are going to see the movie today: have fun, and I hope it's as awesome as it promises to be *nods*

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samantha said...

I made a birthday cake based on this image (found it on google image search) and I just thought you'd like to see it
I do not see a way to upload the photo here but after the party tmorrow (5/14/11) it will be on my facebook page ... check it out!!/freshmenthesis

Thanks for the inspiration