Thursday, March 05, 2009

What if Watchmen was an 80s saturday morning cartoon?

Just because I'm not watching Watchmen's premiere, doesn't mean I can't be watching Watchmen related stuff (and writing annoying sentences with too many repetitions of one word and its variations). So, if you ever wondered what would Watchmen be like as an 80s Saturday morning cartoon, wonder no more, here is your answer.

PS - I rofl'd so hard with this.


Ska said...

Just to make you jealous...

"heard a joke once..."

Artemisio said...

ahaha it's so awesomeeeee XDD (and kinda creepy if you think about the comic and silk spectre i guess).
this beats watchmen babies a lot <3

Black Math said...

the tune its even catchier than TMNT!!!

how can it be????????? :O