Thursday, January 29, 2009

Arrested Development movie happening this year

Or so says Jeffrey Tambor, otherwise know as George Bluth Senior.

The Arrested Development movie has been on the mouths (or fingertips) of movie bloggers for a while, and the reason why I haven't been posting updates is that the whole thing is so full of "he says, she says" that it seemed everything was hypothetical and it was just giving us AD fans false hopes.
Now, there still is no official confirmation as to the movie actually being MADE, but Jeffrey Tambor went on record to say that Michael Cera, the final cast member holding out, was in for the ride, and that being the case the movie is set to go forward. Except that there is no script yet or anything, but those are minor details. Head over to /film for more details on the whole thing.

I really hope the movie gets made, and that it is good. Even if I've been trying not to get my hopes up, I can't help but feel excited for it - Arrested Development was hilariously brilliant and I'd definitely want to see the whole disfunctional Bluth family together again. What are your feelings about the AD movie?

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Black Math said...

a ideia de ver o Job no grande ecrã quase k m faz jizar nas calças...

..por outro lado a ideia de ouvir o Final Countdown em THX Surround assusta-me O_O