Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sex Panther now for sale!

Not specific movie news, but it's something movie related. And related to one of my favorite comedies, of all things!

Good news for all you Anchorman fans and bad news for anyone with a sharp olfactory sense: there's a real Sex Panther cologne now for sale! If you want to wave 30 bucks out of your wallet, go here to purchase. But be warned: Sex Panther is a manly cologne, and you must not dare wear it if you're not manly, or don't have a moustache.

Those of you who've seen Anchorman clealy know what I'm talking about, but to those of you who don't I say: boooo. You should see Anchorman. But, kind as I am, I leave you with a video of Sex Panther in action. Enjoy!

(hopefully the subject of today's post will get a lot of hits on this blog muahaha)


Ska said...


Eu para dar más notícias, estou aqui duas vezes

nakamura_michiyo said...

Bad news indeed... caraças, ainda por cima com a FOX, tem o dobro das hipóteses de ser uma caca.

Mas também há boas noticias hoje, afinal de contas o watchmen sempre vai sair a 6 de março :D

Ska said...

ah pois vai!