Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Yep, you guessed it - another Watchmen Post

My computer is back, and consequently I am back to blogging. I apologize for not even wishing you guys a Happy New Year, but I really just wanted to post that featurette quickly and before I forgot to do it, because I wasn't even on my computer. That being said, I hope you had a lot of fun and didn't throw up (too much).

Also, sorry about the flop that was my Christmas-songs-a-palooza thing, but I failed to find most of the songs available to embed. You didn't want to listen to them anyway, but who knows, maybe next year I'll get more than two songs in here.

Now! Time for a new post. And about what could it be? Watchmen, of course. And what could be geekier than anything Watchmen related? Well, if it's JAPAN related as well! Huzza! Well, here you have the Watchmen japanese trailer, that has some new footage, so make sure your geek friends don't get too ahead of you and watch this already.


Black Math said...

uau.. só vi agora esta trailer.. e sem som... mas mesmo assim.. ta linda!! @_@ , bolas.. adorei.. sempre que colocam novas imagens they blew me fuking away!! nao tava a espera d ver akelas imagens do JFK.. ai caraças k este vai ser o filmaço deste ano!!!!!!!!!! isto s os xores da fox nao o adiarem............... O_o *sigh*

nakamura_michiyo said...

também adorei ver esta nova trailer... sempre que vejo novas imagens do watchmen acho mais e mais catita :) ainda bem que gostaste também, mesmo depois vendo com som e não percebendo nada na mesma :D love ya ;)