Friday, July 11, 2008

Battle of the Hans

Just a little silly doodle I did, based on an idea me and Cosmic had after seeing Hancock. Yeah, I know that the hans in their names are different, but I still thought it was funny, regardless of how little sense it made :D

I also tried my hand at a little speedpainting in Photoshop, and did this Ash (with photo reference).

I know that it pretty much sucks, there's plenty of things I hate, but I intend on improving, and keeping on experimenting with photoshop, with different techniques, and brushes, and all. So there's no loss in posting this, maybe I'll get to see some improvement sometime :P


Chris said...

Nice sketches Carla, really cool ones, maybe we could make a JAM, kinda "versus"

ForgetfulRainn said...

Impressive speed painting!

nakamura_michiyo said...

chris: thank you very much! well, a versus jam would be cool! at least it's an idea we can keep for the next one! :)

nick: thank you very much! I was just messing about photoshop, with different brushes and techniques. That damn little program has so many features and possibilities that I'd like to at least explore them a bit.