Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dragon Ball Poster

I don't know why I even keep posting about this movie, which will almost certainly be a piece of crap bigger than the Everest, but there was a new poster unveiled this week, and here it is.

For its credit, it's the image that most resemble the manga/anime so far. But it's still bad. I have no hopes whatsoever for this movie, it just amazes me how far out of their way they went to make something that looks nothing like the original! I mean, fucking Mutenroshi. What have they done to him? Why can't they shave Chow-Yun Fat's head and stick a beard on him? It's not like you need a million dollar budget to do that. And yeah, I think I've said this last time I mentioned the movie, but bare with me. It's just upseting.

I've started to re-read the manga, out of heartache for what they're doing with the series. It's so funny, and as cool as I remembered it to be. Long live Dragon Ball! And because I have no sketch for today, here is a photo of some of my little Dragon Ball Z figurines. Not the same, I know - sorry guys!

On a post-ending note, I was interviewed recently by my friend Nicolas, so if you want to check it out, go to his blog. Make sure to read the other posts too!

Rock on!


João Mealha said...

Dragonball and DragonBall Z were and still are the shit!

That GT crap...not so much.

nakamura_michiyo said...

haha agreed! GT sucks. I remember I was pretty anxious to see it when it came out, but I realized right away it was a crapfest. I never even watched the whole GT series.
Now DB and DBZ, yeah... hell yeah. Several times :)

Black Math said...

yeah.. i have no hope for this movie has well dear..


and bear with me on this one..

what IF like in the manga Bulma give "something" to ALL characters in the movie and everytime she says that word (that now i forgot) everyone shits his pants! hem??

that and ONLY THAT for 2 hours!

i know..

brilliant @_@