Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Saw IV

I have to confess I enjoyed the first Saw movie. I think the story was fairly well-written, it was suspenseful enough, and the twist was very good (at least I didn't see it coming), so despite a few over-the-top performances, the movie held its own, entertained me and surprised me.
The sequel was not that good anymore. It just inserted a few more characters to be killed off, and the story took a back place. If the first one was violent, the second one is more so, and more gratuitously.
The third one... don't even get me started. It was bad. The movies just started to be an excuse for showing some gruesome violence.
But my brother somehow conned me into watching the fourth installment of the Saw series, and so I did.

And it was bad, even worse than the previous one (by the way, this poster cracked me up. It could have a picture of Admiral Ackbar in there, screaming "IT'S A TRAP!!"). The story has become so convoluted, so anxious to be complex, that it fails to even create a glimmer of attention in me. The actors are C-list actors, at best, and their interpretations are all pretty weak - if that's all their fault, or if it's the writer's faults, I don't know. But they sure weren't given much to work with, I'll tell you that. The dialogues are terrible. The games Jigsaw creates are so intricate, and so spread out in their locations, that they really push your suspension of disbelief - you can't for one minute believe he'd pull all that off. Also, the timeline got me confused, it seems like the events take place simultaneously to the 3rd movie, but that couldn't possible, because Jigsaw is dead, and this movie actually begins with his authopsy. By the time we got to the run-of-the-mill plot twist, I had already lost any interest in the movie whatsoever. I was just glad it was over. The good part was that it was short, so I didn't lose much valuable time with it.
I did another photoshop sketch today for practice, and I decided it'd be the weird little puppet thing, from Saw. Enjoy!

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ForgetfulRainn said...

I saw Saw 2 first, then the first, then the third. For some reason, those movies always had a nasty aspect that made me feel the actors sucked and the movie was barely a B movie. As if they weren't totally serious with it.

I liked the first one, was interesting. And everything else I'd have to say you said already! I didn't see the fourth though.