Tuesday, July 15, 2008


No, not X-Men's Beast (although he is pretty cool too).

Beauty and the Beast continues to be one of my favorite Disney animated movies of all time. Say what you will about CGI and 3D animation, this stuff was the real deal. The characters were so lively and expressive, that you can't help but feel drawn into their story. The classic tale of the girl who learns to love a beast is funny, beautiful and moving, and I like this movie so much that I even forgive it for having Celine Dion sing the main theme!

That being said, my favorite part of the movie was the Beast himself. His character is complex, and it's great how we come to discover his kind, human side throughout the story. And as far as drawing goes, he is one of the coolest character concepts ever. So I did a little sketchy tribute to this piece of my childhood, during a genetics class, last year I think. Enjoy!


Artemisio said...

B&tB is truly one of their best *_* as a friend of mine made me notice, it's also good because it's not a group of good people with one single evil, it's a few good people in a hostile world, evil that comes from fear and ignorance; it's.. the way it actually is XD i hope you understood what i meant, ahah

Anonymous said...

Liking the new look;)

João Mealha said...

The anonymous guy was actually me.

Black Math said...

i miss 2D animation actually.. well i enjoy 3D when its well done but i have to say that intro of the Kung Fu Panda made me want to see some more of that animation.. i guess japanese are still the one making it that way (Miyazaki and friends)


..and, yeah i know.. i didnt saw this movie when it comed out.. THIS WILL NOT STAND! ya know why? cause this one its also on our "things to watch" list :D


nakamura_michiyo said...

Elisa: that's a very good point actually! I understood it very well. The movie also "teaches" us to look for the good in people, it may be hidden deep, but it can always be there :)

Xor smackopoo: ainda bem que gostaste da cara lavada do blog, pois que o blog e eu muito apreciamos a sua visita :D

Xor cosmic, ma love, it's ma pleasure to see this movie with ya ;) right after Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn! :D <3 ;)
é realmente uma pena a rápida desaparição da animação 2d... verdade que se não fossem os japoneses já não nos restava quase nada... :(