Tuesday, July 08, 2008


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My lovely boyfriend gave me this amazing Hellboy deluxe action figure, and I absolutely love it.
It is SWEET - it's big, articulated, with awesome details and even a couple of different hands you can change, plus it just looks rad. I'm really excited for Hellboy II - The Golden Army too, so in that spirit, I did a sketch of Hellboy in Photoshop.

It is quite possibly the suckiest Hellboy sketch ever, but well... I tried. Hellboy is one of the characters I find most difficult to draw, I guess I need to practice!

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Black Math said...

awww.. adorei muito ver ali o macaco do xor Hellboy :)

e sabes? tambem acho o Hellboy um dos personaens mais dificeis d desenhar haha xD ..serio..i suck big time drawing HellBoy ;) ,nas gostei deste teu :)