Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gotham Knight

Tonight, I will finally (and hopefully!) see a little movie that you might have heard of, called The Dark Knight. I'm pretty anxious for it, since everyone raves on and on about how brilliant it is and I have yet to hear one bad thing about it. Well, not only because of THAT, but I admit that the fact everyone is loving it that much is making me a bit more curious.

Since I knew this would be the movie pick for the weekend, I saw Gotham Knight over the week. Gotham Knight is a project that consists in 6 animated shorts, each by a different director, and that takes place between the events in Batman Begin and Dark Knight. It's sort of like what they did with Animatrix.

The varying animation styles and stories make it interesting throughout, and it never gets boring. Some shorts have outstanding animation, others are not that great, but they're all pretty entertaining. I like how they focus on different things and elements of Batman's world but still keeping it centered around Batman himself - the first short comes to mind, it's about the different perceptions that different kids have of Batman. I really liked the concept and I guess it ended up being my favorite, in a way. I definitely recommend Gotham Knight to Batman fans, especially if they like animation and if they want something to "cool" their curiosity until Dark Knight comes out (I know in some countries it'll still take a while).

Thank you to Mr. Cosmic for providing me with this! ;)

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