Thursday, July 31, 2008

Watchmen on Empire

I'm kinda sorry that my blog is starting to resemble a Watchmen promotional vehicle, because boy am I going to look like a bloody idiot if the movie ends up sucking (so it better not, Zach Snyder!!). But I gotta be honest, I'm more excited for Watchmen everyday, and every photo that comes out looks impossibly cool and I can't stop myself from posting.

This time, the Watchmen movie is on focus on Empire. Next month they even have two different covers dedicated to it, and a new set of images.

First cover features Silk Spectre, Dr. Manhattan, and Nite Owl. Ttry not to look at Dr. Manhattan's crotch too much (ah, you just did it! I saw you do it. Come on, now.).

Second covers features Ozymandias, The Comedian and Rorschach. I have to tell you that I'm not sure about the Robin-styled mask Ozymandias is sporting, but anywho. Looks awesome regardless. I love The Comedian in this shot.

Revel in the awesome new images now.

I really love this next one of The Comedian. It's the character, spot on.

The source for all these images was Empire.
Looks great or what? Shame that this movie only comes out next year. I want to see it NOW!


ForgetfulRainn said...

Looks good! And yes, I immediately darted towards his crotch.

KKarasu said...

Ena u fanatic!!!!

u stalker!! por watchmenes!!!!

mmm tou a ver k tu so fazer cenas no blog agora. mto bem!tas uma escritora...decaminho vais pa jornalista!

JBM said...

Hmmm... por estranho que pareça, pareceu-me ver o Wall.E nessa última... Eu sabia que não devia tomar os medicamentos sem comer nada. :)

nakamura_michiyo said...

JBM: agora que falas nisso, também me lembro do WALL-E ao olhar para lá :D a nave do nite owl parece que tem os olhos dele :P

João Mealha said...

Terem posto essas cuecas no Dr.Manhatan é uma idiotice total!!

garden said...

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