Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wolverine vs. Son Goku vs. Pineapple Express

OMG! Epic Fight!

Yeah, but it's never gonna happen outside of the world of figurines and/or action figures. I was recently presented with a little Wolverine figurine by Mr. Cosmic and decided to play around a little, and take a few photos of it along other figurines I somehow have salvaged in a drawer. This was one of them, but you can see a bunch more in my flickr account.

Today's sketch, to go along with the photo, is a very quickly done Logan. I really need to get off my ass and do a proper Wolverine drawing - you know, maybe with inks, or, let me dream, even colors. It's not right that I like this character so much, and still don't have any complete drawing of him. For shame.

Also, because I'm your friendly neighborhood blogger and I want you to be happy, I'm posting a new TV spot for the movie "Pineapple Express". I loved Superbad, and Seth Rogen is pretty funny, he seems to make a good team with James Franco, and so I hope this will be a funny stoner comedy. I'm sure it'll be better than the awful pile of diarrhea that they try to pass as "comedy" these days. Disaster movie? Meet Dave? Are you for reeeaaal? God, those movies piss me off by merely existing.

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