Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

The trailer for the new Harry Potter movie has hit the web - and I mean the REAL trailer, not that piece of crap teaser that was released a couple of weeks or so ago(by the way, that was the worse teaser I ever saw. It's like they don't even try, they just know us nerds will go see the movie anyway, but we deserve to be teased, do we not? Don't just give us a black screen and a title, for heavens sake).

My excitement towards trailers has already been largely spent this year on the Watchmen trailer, so this one only left me mildly excited.
There's very little of Harry, it focus more on Tom Riddle, and it's darker than usual, which is good. This next movie should be dark (despite all the teenage love affairs), so I consider it a good sign. I guess we'll have to wait until November 21 to know for sure.


CaptainChants said...

I have been waiting for this trailer for so long, and that other pathetic excuse of a trailer really angered me!

Anyway, I'm excited to find out how they have adapted this book, although I hear that Dumbeldore's funeral wont be in this film, and that there is going to be a scene where the burrow is attacked?!!!! What the!!

3 months to go D:

Yay Potter art, that's something I have been lacking in... : (

Mbuckingham said...

can't wait to see this

Black Math said...

ta com aspecto assim mais sombrio sim.. o que é um melhoramento para mim.. mas que sei eu hem? ;)

ai.. ai o coiso o, o voldemort era pupilo do dumbeldor?? mas depois vai-s a ver e ele é mau e trai o homem? e quem sabe até o mata? am i saying to much?? mm.. faz lembrar o star wars ..